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Bodies of Light

Keysi Del Valle

Event Date: 
Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 10:00am

The Kabbalah Centre Miami,
2725 NE 163rd street,
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160, us

Price: $101

Any imbalance that occurs within our physical bodies is rooted in the energetic body, for it is responsible for supporting us and keeping us alive. Kabbalists teach that by attending to the needs of our energetic bodies, we can open the doorway for healing to occur. Indeed, our wellness depends upon this.

Join us for a workshop that will explore the anatomy of the energy that fills our physical selves. Learn about the seven chakras while gaining tools for caring for and fine-tuning the energetic body. This course will include an illuminating lecture, followed by meditations and exercises meant to deepen your understanding of the powerful connection our souls have with the energetic source of the universe. 

for more information:
(305) 692-9223

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