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July 14, 2017 to July 15, 2017
AT The Kabbalah Centre Miami
Pinchas was a revered healer who was personally responsible for the removal of a plague that claimed 24,000 lives. Shabbat Pinchas is known for its unrivaled power to promote health and wellbeing.... read more
July 23, 2017
AT The Kabbalah Centre Miami
PRICE: $free of charge
The month of Leo is the only month influenced by the sun, therefore the infinite and positive energy that created us is strongest in the cosmos at this time. The sun gives life, yet it can also... read more
August 21, 2017
AT The Kabbalah Centre Miami
PRICE: $Free of charge
This month lends itself to a good spiritual house cleaning! Virgo’s influence helps us examine ourselves thoroughly so we can identify our faults and weaknesses, then take steps toward transformation... read more
You need look no further than the present to determine your future because all you are doing today creates your reality tomorrow. 1 year 1 month ago